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HR Smart Solutions Ltd was founded in 2014 by Susannah Ajayi, a highly experienced HR Information System professional, with over ten years of experience in the HR industry. HR Smart Solutions is a recognised SAP Partner and we are proud that we have achieved this.

We firmly believe the service you receive should always exceed your best expectations. Our professional membership of the British Computer Society (BCS) is one way of providing an assurance to you that this belief will be fulfilled. The BCS develops good working practices within the IT industry. HR Smart Solutions is proud to be a member of the BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT. The full Code of Practice of the BCS may be viewed here, its core principles include: its members shall act with integrity; that work shall be carried out with due care and diligence; and that the performance of products, systems and services shall not be misrepresented.

You can be assured that the service provided by HR Smart Solutions is governed by this Code, providing you with a service that is of the very highest quality.

We have a number of exciting content planned so stay tuned!

In addition, if there are particular blog requests you have please send an email to

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