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The sudden switch to working from home we have experienced last year has brought enormous changes for businesses and professionals, particularly for the HR departments. Although the HR department has been through several technological changes over the past few years, everyone moving to working from home has brought many changes and elements for the HR department to consider.

How has this switch impacted the HR department? There are several different aspects, lets explore these …


HR professionals are no strangers to using various technological tools within their day-to-day tasks, however working from home introduces even more tools, particularly how to access them from home. This change requires further training to ensure all employees are able to access the work, learn how to use these new tools, and not just the HR department, whilst minimising disruption and ensuring the smoothest change possible can be difficult to achieve.


Working from home means mixing work and personal life, and this can create an unhealthy environment for employees as their wellbeing’s importance has been highlighted over the past few years and working from home can blur this separation, which can impact their wellbeing negatively.

Thus, the HR department has had to replicate the work environment from the office to individuals’ homes; some of the approaches taken include creating wellbeing workshops, social events, and check-in sessions.

This is particularly relevant for parents, as children have had to go through this sudden change too and adapt to these changes, and it can be difficult for parents to balance work along with childcare duties.

Recruitment Process

Another change working from home has brought has been digitalising the entire recruitment process; this has brought many considerations for the HR department, such as what tools and platforms are appropriate to recruit individuals, particularly ensuring these are accessible. This is particularly relevant for interviews, as flexibility has been an important aspect because individuals have different living situations and access to technological tools.

These are some of the factors on how working from home has impacted the HR department, what other aspects can you think of?

Let us know in the comments!


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