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What are the key features of SAP SuccessFactors?

SAP SuccessFactors has several features to help HR professionals with their day-to-day operations and increase productivity.

The first key feature is role-based dashboards: this enables employees to access information needed within one place swiftly whilst also determining access-level to relevant employees with centralised documents. This not only increases productivity and saves time, but also provides an added level of security by being able to monitor who has access to what information.

The second key feature is 360-degree feedback: this provides employers and employees to both provide and receive feedback easily under one system. This provides employees in-depth feedback on their performance, career progression, their strengths and opportunities to grow. Employers are also able to understand employees’ work experience and how to improve this.

The following key feature is talent sourcing: this helps HR professionals recruit the right talent. Employers are able to manage the entire process under one system, from creating the job description to shortlisting candidates. This is also aided with the onboarding system which enables recruiters to facilitate and digitalise onboarding for new hires.

The following key feature is HR analytics: this helps HR professionals to support their decision-making. HR professionals are able to identify trends and patterns in the data analysed, this can help identify risks and opportunities; it can also help with fairness and ensure employees are treated fairly and rewarded based on performance and dedication only.

These are some of the key features SAP SuccessFactors provides for HR professionals.

What other key features are you aware of? Let us know in the comments!

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