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SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Time & Attendance Management

This release delivers a ton of enhancements for Employee Central Time and Attendance Management, but the two that stand out for me are Flextime and enhancements to the Team Absence Calendar.

With a flexible time (Flextime) policy, employees can choose when they start and finish their working day – of course, all required hours must be worked. With this release, you can provide employees with the flexibility around a “bandwidth” period. The system alerts employee, managers, and time admins when an employee works outside this bandwidth. Flextime is very popular workforce trends as it contributes to work-life balance and helps HR teams maintain compliance with regional regulations and union rules.

Many of you have asked for enhancements for the Team Calendar. SAP have listened and enhanced the Team Absence Calendar. With role-based permissions, you can allow employees to see the availability of not only of their team members, but to review calendars beyond their team. In addition, they can choose between a weekly or monthly view.

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

We often faced the challenge of mass-hiring, which was always a time-consuming project. SAP recruiting now support high-volume hiring and can help your recruiters be more efficient.

Also in Recruiting, through integration with Employee Experience Management solutions from SAP, they have made it easy for you to embed surveys into your Career Site. You can now gather sentiment data to assess the candidate experience and, based on captured insights, take the right steps to optimise this critical experience. This capabilities has also been embedded in other areas of the HXM Suite such as Performance and Goals.

SAP SuccessFactors Succession and Development

For Succession and Development, there have been two enhancements. First, in talent pools you now can track employee talent-pool history from a single view. This history includes information about new nominations, changes, and removals which shows who made the changes. In addition, you can filter and drill-down which helps you to easily analyse talent pools.

Furthermore, time stamps are added in Calibration; with this feature comments are time stamped to allow for better tracking.

SAP SuccessFactors Learning

For SAP SuccessFactors Learning, a new administrator interface has been implemented, this gives administrators a better overall experience while also meeting Adobe's requirement to deprecate Flash by the end of 2020. This new interface delivers a new and more intuitive design and allows administrators to find frequent tasks in an optimised navigation. In addition, this improvement introduces terminology that is easier to understand. 

Thanks for reading about my major highlights from the 1H 2020 release! For a complete overview of highlights, which we recommend sharing with your HR business leaders, please review and download the 1H 2020 Release Highlights document below:

ReleaseHighlights1H2020 (1)
Download PDF • 26.22MB

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